Frequently Asked Questions

Product Orders:

How can I place an order?

You can do it either by email; by fax at 918-683-9527, or by phone calling our office at 918-682-1806 or 1-800-688-1806.

How can I pay for my order?

On domestic orders we receive payments by credit card and wire transfer; all international orders must be paid via wire transfer. Your customer service representative will provide you the instructions.

Pricing & Shipping:

Why is the shipping charge on my invoice different from what I was quoted?

All shipping charges are estimated at the time of quoting. If there is a discrepancy, OWC will adjust the shipping charge on your invoice to reflect the actual shipping charge incurred.

Returns & Support

How can I return an item?

If you need to return an item please call our office and let us know the reason and we will provide you with instructions to return it; based on our Return Policy we will credit your account accordingly.

What is your Return Policy?

  1. Within 30 days of the invoice date, full credit will be issued for the return.
  2. After 30 days of the invoice date, a 20% restocking fee will be charged against the return.
  3. After 90 days of the invoice date, a 50% restocking fee will be charged against the return.
  4. After six months of the invoice date, no returns will be accepted and no credit will be issued.

Who do I contact if I have questions or comments?

Please call our Customer Service Department at 918-682-1806 or 1-800-688-1806; send us an email to, or send us a message through the Contact section of this webpage.

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